About the leaders

JoAnn aka Mom

Brings her 50+ years of cooking experience to the table. After
running a successful catering service in Georgia, she helps plan
the menus and does most of the cooking... no one leaves hungry.

George aka Dad

Helps out when the flow of traffic starts to get chaotic. A retired
veteran who also retired from the ministry helps the focus stay on
target, the community. Dad helps with the Monday Chess Club.

Ozz aka the Son

Brings his 3 years of nutrition to the table, focusing on healthy
lunch meats for our menus, planning out daily specials. Providing
weightloss assistance to those who are interested in Herbalife.

Our Menu Goal

Provide everyone with meals which are affordable, filling and taste great! We do not skimp on product quality, everything is taste tested before it goes on our menus and in your mouths!

Our Community Focus

All items are priced to be very affordable to the local market. We host different events, in-house and globally. This includes serving and the sells of 734 Coffee for Humanity Helping Sudan.

We are about the Food

Our guests realize quickly, we are focused on the Food, not the monday. Our prices are second to none. Our portions make sure no one ever leaves with an empty stomach.

RVA Cafe, LLC. was established on September 4th 2016.

We renamed the business from RVA Wellness Cafe, LLC. (aka Wellness Zone) to RVA Cafe, LLC. on September 4th 2016. Our previous focus was 100% on health supplements and meal shakes. Everyone who was following our weightloss plan, always wanted to know where should they go to eat, and what items should they eat. After dealing with this for 2 years, Ozz decided that it would be great to offer the weightloss program and actual food, in a new Cafe environment - RVA Cafe, LLC.
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